Meaning: The heat from the sun is ripening the fruit; the harvest is near.

Interpretation: “The righteous will shine forth as the sun in the Kingdom of their father. He who also has ears, let him hear.”

– Matt 13:43 (NAS)

At this point, you are close to your Black Belt! It is now the time to focus like you never have before in all of your lower rank material to prepare you for your 1st Degree testing.

You will have shown yourself and me that you truly have what it takes to be a martial artist. Not only should you now be focusing on your 1st Degree testing, but also looking toward your 2nd Degree Black Belt.

As we continue to grow as martial artists, we will always be readjusting our long term goals. At 1st Degree Black Belt, your training takes on an awesome new level.

I believe that you’ll have learned a lot about yourself on this journey. You’ll have also learned a lot about the Lord.

The Kingdom message should be more real to you than when you first started Taekwondo. Remember that God wants to have dominion in the seen world. He would do this by impacting the seen (earth) from the unseen (the unseen Kingdom of God), by the unseen (Holy Spirit of God who He is) living in the unseen (spirit of man who you are) in the seen (visible earth) on the scene (functioning in the physical realm). Or to put it another way, God wants to impact the visible from the invisible by the invisible living in the invisible in the visible on the visible.

To summarize, God wants His Kingdom to come, His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

We are the end-time generation who will bring the reality of the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. I have faith in you that you will be an awesome representative of the Kingdom of God and of the CTA.

In Love,

Grand Master Lovett