Meaning: The mustard seed of faith is beginning to sprout.

Interpretation: “The Kingdom of God is like a man who casts seed upon the soil; and goes to bed at night and gets up by day, and the seed sprouts up and grows – how, he himself does not know.”

– Mark 4:26-27 (NAS)

At the rank of Yellow Belt , the seed you have planted and cultivated so carefully is finally beginning to sprout. you are now beginning to understand the basics of Taekwondo and starting to see the light.

You now know the 4 parts to kicks, as well as the 4 parts to strikes and blocks. You understand the stripes systems of the belts. Having been through two testing cycles, you are still nervous at testing, but not as much, because you know what to expect. Reciting the Wang Guk Spirit of Taekwondo is no longer a challenge to you, praise God.

By now your mind is trained in the memorization of forms, able to follow their direction and segments. Your visualization skills have increased. You no longer have to think so much about the foot position and weight distribution of your stances. Now, as a Yellow Belt, your focus has increased dramatically; not just in your form, but in paying attention as well.

By now, your faith and boldness in the Lord is undeniable. You are hearing more and more about the Love of God and are no longer thinking that He is somehow mad at you.

As your time spent reading the Bible has increased, you see that He is speaking to you, and the Word is just for you! You now have a greater sense of purpose in your heart than you have ever had.

Stay focused on your next belt. You are that much closer to your harvest!

In Love,

Grand Master Lovett